Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Getting Back Out of the Closet

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January 4, 2014


I am a closet treehugger.

I used to be “out” – anyone who’s known me for a long time knows that and would call me a hypocrite with the lifestyle I now live.

I used to write green bylaws with city council, walk to work, teach kids about endangered species, and hadn’t touched meat in ten years. I always intended to land a job with government in environmental policy, or with an NGO.

At some point after grad school, I fell in love, decided I wanted the career with five figure salary, husband, house in suburbia, cat, car, kid, etc. and three years later here I am and suddenly I’m questioning how the heck I got here.

Well, not so suddenly – I’ve been thinking about it for the last three years (four years in April). Since I took a job that I thought was one thing that turned out to be something else; a place where buying recycled printer paper and drinking tap water is shunned; a place where I try to organize a garbage pick up and no one but my two year old and I show up; a place where I can’t really be myself.

Since I couldn’t seem to make another career change despite my efforts, I got pregnant (because somehow mat leave seemed like a better alternative – and I wanted kids too!). And 9 months later learned how much harder it is to be green with a kid. But that’s a post for another day.

Now, enough with the negativity! (I used to be a positive person too!). All that is going to change this year!

First step was to set up a blog, which, if you are reading this, I have effectively done. Second – use my daughter’s nap times more effectively and actually write something.

I’ve been brain storming enough challenges to get me through at least until Earth Day.They’re pretty broad goals, but I’ll refine them as I go, researching and testing out a few here and there to see what’s practical.

Why do a blog ? Because maybe if I record it, it will make me feel accountable, and I’ll actually continue this resolution.

Why do this at all (besides the environmental benefits)? In the words of my husband, my conscience is trying to rationalize my ideals with pragmatism. Sounds good to me. :-)


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