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January 11, 2014


Low and behold, this was not my idea (gasp!). No, I am not that arrogant to think I came up with the idea of doing a green mom blog all by myself. I feel the need to give a little credit where credit is due (and before I am sued for plagiarism).

I originally gave the idea of blogging serious consideration when I read a couple of books  (the titles escape me at the moment)  just after mat leave – one was about a couple of moms who started a blog about breastfeeding and working, and another about a couple of moms who started blogs/youtube channels/websites marketing products, and were able to make enough money in sponsorships/guest speaking and free products to quit their day jobs (can you imagine!).

I believe it was Oprah who once said, do what you love, then find a way to make money doing it. I thought “hey, I can do this blogging thing”, proceeding to think I would do a blog about being a green mom. Turns out (surprise, surprise) there are a lot of fellow moms out there who beat me to the chase.

Here are a few:

Also want to give kudos to Vanessa Farquharson, who’s excellent, witty book “Sleeping Naked is Green” (which I am reading right now) chronicles her adventures doing one green challenge per day. See her blog at

(Turns out EcoMama (, who is also, coincidentally, named Jennifer) was also inspired by Vanessa! Horray! Does that make us great minds or fools I wonder ;-) )

The majority of the challenges I’ve come up with on my own, but a few I am borrowing from others.

I work outside the home full-time, in addition to being a mom of a lively almost-three year old, so one challenge per week is about all I can handle right now. Maybe I’ll get up to two.

As a follow-up – the peppermint soap is working out well – an invigorating switch :-)


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