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Green Mommy on the Rocks – Dilemma # 217

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January 11, 2014


So every so often I get this sinking feeling in my stomach. I love my daughter to pieces, but she has corrupted  me from within.

It all started within weeks of actually conceiving. I developed cravings for steak and a taste aversion to tofu. And my 12 years of vegetarianism went out with the recycling.

In these ” Green Mommy on the Rocks Dilemma” posts, I’ll discuss the “problem” of conflicting values. And maybe some of you out there have some suggestions.

My daughter is going through a phase of being afraid of the dark, as most children do. The “problem” is that it requires leaving the lamp by her bed on all night. It wasn’t until the other evening, my daughter was on her way to dreamland and I was going around the house turning off all the lights that had been left on on our way upstairs, scowling my husband under my breath (because obviously it was his fault ;-) ) when I realized what a hypocrite I was being, when I leave her light on ALL NIGHT! Imagine the energy consumption and resulting pollution from that!

At least it is a CFL bulb.

But they make me worry too – from what I understand, they emit low amounts of electromagnetic radiation and UVA & UVB.


So I might be looking for a different kind of night light in the near future . . .

Anyone feeling particularly enlightened about this topic?


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