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Week #14 – The Hours

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April 5, 2014


I’m still beating myself up a bit about a job interview I had last week. I keep replaying the answers in my head, thinking about what I should have said differently or what I didn’t say at all. It’s not even like I want the job all that badly, I just wanted to see what the process would be like, so if I ever do decide I want it I’ll be prepared. And I can definitely say I got that much out of the experience. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself! It was definitely one of the longer interviews I’ve had – almost two and a half hours!

Last week was also Earth Hour, the yearly event that encourages everyone across the world to turn off anything that uses electricity for one hour. Every year I would religiously ensure everything we could possibly turn off around the house was turned off or unplugged. Then we would walk to the top of the hill near our house and watch the lights go out across the city. Which they didn’t. But I was forever the optimist!

I’d had every intention of participating as I always do, but after the interview and yet another dramatic bedtime, I was feeling exhausted and discouraged. Also, the issue I have learned about Earth Hour that a lot of people don’t realize, is that when everyone turns their electronics back on, the demand on the grid actually increases CO2 emissions. Ideally, everyone would just leave their electronics off for the rest of the evening!  There are other factors to consider too.

So here’s what we’re doing instead to conserve energy : we’ve got most of our electronics (e.g. laptop, TV etc.) plugged into power bars, so at the end of the day or before we leave for work in the morning, we’re trying to remember to turn them off – reducing phantom load.

I’d also love to get a home electricity meter. These little gizmos attach to appliances or to your external meter and tell you where you’re wasting power, and help you monitor power usage so you can aim to use less. I’ve been researching where to buy one of these, and the only one I can find is about 100$. Not quite in our budget  – maybe a good  suggestion for a  birthday gift?

I’ve also been researching Bullfrog Power as a way of “greening” our electricity consumption. Using their online quote tool, I learned that the cost to us would be about 25$ a month. Seems like a lot for something our provincial power company should be doing anyway.

It’s always urked me that we can choose our cable provider, our phone provider, internet, where we buy our car, where our food comes from, where we get our oil, but not where our power or water come from. Water I can kind of understand, because it needs to be strictly regulated to protect health. But with the electricity wires already in place, it shouldn’t be that difficult to have multiple electricity providers to choose from – should it?

According to Nova Scotia Power’s website, they don’t have a monopoly. I know I’ve never been that good with numbers, but 95% seems pretty close to a monopoly to me.


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