Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week # 17- I Got a Goat – No Kidding!

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May 4, 2014


Spring has finally arrived, hopefully to stay this time. It’s too nice to be sitting inside at a CO2 consuming computer, so I will keep this week’s post short and sweet.

Last week was my birthday, and in keeping with my challenge to stay green I asked for donations or practical gifts. My parents got me a gift card, which allowed me to purchase some kitchen and gardening supplies. And my husband made a donation to World Vision to buy a goat for a needy family. My mother-in-law, however, got me a pair of moccasins that are fringed with fur – and I think it’s real. I’ve never worn fur, and I make it a point not to. Last Christmas she bought everyone winter coats, and mine had a fur-fringed hood. Pretty sure that was synthetic, but since she included the receipt and the coat was red (I’m not a big fan of red) and didn’t really fit anyway, I subtly returned it for something more appropriate.

This time, the slippers cannot be returned. Having said this, I’m fairly certain that the slippers are hand-made and authentic – meaning real animal parts. I only hope that the people making it were up north and made use of the whole animal, including eating the meat. This would be a perfect segue into the debate on seal hunting, but I’m not going to go there. Not one bit. Too many issues. Let’s just say I think my mother-in-law’s heart is in the right place. I decided a long time ago she and I have different values, and both of us are far to stubborn to change the other so just let bygones be bygones. She is the mother of my husband after all, so she did something right ;-) ( I say this in jest of course – she really is good to us).

Back to my birthday – my husband twisted my parents rubber arm and had them babysit our daughter so that he could take me to lunch at Ela!, a local Greek restaurant which serves local foods whenever they are available. I try to “walk the talk” and go to restaurants that serve local food whenever possible, including a visit to The Wooden Monkey a few years ago.

With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend, I plan to stick to the challenge of not buying actual gifts and making donations or making a gift (granddaughter photos are usually popular).

Now I must run and get clothes off the clothesline. This week’s challenge – hang up clothes as soon as they are dry so they don’t need to be ironed. Heat-generating appliances use a lot more electricity, and clothes right off the clothesline or out of the dryer (on cold or rainy days) are usually pretty wrinkle free. I’ve also been trying to use our toaster oven instead of our regular oven when we need to heat/cook, as toaster ovens use less electricity.

Enjoy the sun! :-)


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