Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week # 18 – Little Green Owls

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May 8 2014/May 20 2014

Yes, I know I skipped week 18. This was intentional. I’ve had a post all ready to go for a couple of weeks and just haven’t had time to load it to the site. I’ll get to why in a minute. But first . . .

My earliest memory of Farely Mowat is reading “Owls in the family” in grade 3. It’s also my earliest memory of learning about wildlife in school, and I soaked it all up.

Sadly, this amazing author and environmentalist passed away this week .

He had recently spoken out about an issue I struggle to reconcile myself with, and that’s WiFi in Canada’s parks.

While camping should serve as an opportunity to turn off and connect instead with the natural world, I can see the advantages. For example, it might give someone who, due to their job, wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take a family camping trip, such as medical doctors who need to be on call. For example, a radiologist could take a sometime at a wifi hotspot to look at images on their ipad, and then return to their family vacation. This might actually in some weird way increase the number of people using parks.

This week’s challenge is to take a lesson out of Mowat’s pages and teach my daughter about the natural world – starting with the garden. She’s already been on a few garbage pick-ups with me, and I’ve had her outside with me to do yardwork since she was five months old. But this year is the first year she’s taken an interest in what’s in the garden, donning her own pair of gloves and plastic shovel and rake.

Finding salamander friends under the wood 2×4 separating the plots was our first adventure. I was a bit disappointed when she didn’t want to hold them. But maybe it’s just as well, considering salamanders can absorb chemicals from our skin through their skin.

Hoping I would have better luck with growing something, I decided to have her help me plant red and green pepper seeds. Once the seedlings are big enough we’ll transplant them into the garden. This was a bit more of a success, although she still didn’t like getting her hands dirty. Now if I could just get them to grow.




In all honesty I’m starting to run out of challenge ideas. I have a few more in my back pocket for future posts that coordinate with specific dates. So I thought this week would be a good opportunity to take stock of what I’m still doing and what I need to keep working on. I’ve noted those challenges I’m keeping up wtih with a * on the what’s on the green list page.

I’ve also been putting what spare time I have into volunteering with an event called 100 in 1 Day Halifax.

100in1Day is a world-wide festival celebrating citizen-driven action that will have over 100 community projects (“interventions”) taking place within a 24 hour period.

In other communities, projects have ranged from planting a garden, to handing out cookies to neighbors, to painting murals, to free BBQs. Anything that will improve our community and/or improve community spirit.

Different individuals and groups will be organizing their own events throughout the HRM; all of which have a positive impact on their community. For some organizations this means connecting an event they were already planning and having it on June 7th, and for others, it’s organizing a new event, something they’ve always wanted to test out.  Here is a link to a video describing the event:

I learned about this group through my involvement with the Ecology Action Centre. While the event is not strictly benefiting the environment, some of the interventions, such as bike repair and urban beekeeping, will. It is allowing me to network and learn about local businesses and organizations, and practise my outreach skills. All of which may help me with my other MommyontheGreen challenges.

If you’re reading this and you or your neighbourhood, school, workplace, service organization or church group would like to participate, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Facebook: 100in1Day Halifax

Twitter: @100in1dayHFX



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