Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week # 2 – I’ve got a hankerin’ . . .

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January 11, 2014


So I’m into Week # 2 of what will hopefully be a year-long (and beyond ) challenge. This week – handkerchiefs.

I never thought I would use them. I always thought they were a little unhygienic, and just a little “too green” on the green continuum for me. Besides, I’m already using kleenex that’s made from sustainably sourced trees & paper.

But while reading “Sleeping Naked is Green” I thought about it some more. And I thought about how much I wipe my nose. I have major sinus issues, as my coworkers will tell you. And I have a constant runny nose. And I thought about how I probably use four or five tissues a day on average – x 365 days = 1825 tissues per year (not including colds or sinus flare ups).

At ~140 tissues per box = 13 boxes per year of facial tissue. Just for me. Not including my kid and my husband.

I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find a calculator to figure out how many trees that equates to, but no luck yet. If you see one, let me know!

Anyway, the other night I sat down while my daughter was watching Bubble Guppies and cut up some old material into squares. And yesterday I shoved a couple of those squares into my pocket. And used them at work. And my nose lived to tell the tale. And my coworkers haven’t completely disowned me yet (although I’m not entirely sure they saw, but that’s ok).

The other thing that gets me – I just did a little research into these so-called “sustainable” facial tissues. Turns out they’re mostly derived from virgin forests, and it’s just the box that has recycled content. Greenwashing at its best ladies and gentlemen. Though the company does promise to plant three trees for every one that they use.

But I just can’t justify blowing my nose on something from a virgin tree.

So the hankies are here to stay.


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