Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week # 4 – Foiled

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January 26, 2014


So this week my eco plans got a little side-tracked. The week started by loosing my credit card, my sunglasses getting broken, and my make up exploding in my purse. Loosing my credit card was scary and frustrating, from an administrative &  financial  perspective (luckily there were no charges against it that weren’t my own), but from an environmental perspective was probably a good thing because it forced me to only buy what I absolutely had to. Same goes for the make-up – although it made a mess (it was the compact powder type), I can now throw it away and probably won’t buy any new. The sunglasses are a bit of a bummer though because they’re the clip-on type that stick to my prescription glasses with little magnets. And even though it’s winter I still like to wear them when I’m driving,.

Along with all of that, my daughter and I both got sick (myself with strep throat) so hankies were not used to their full capacity; it was my husbands birthday; and we had a mid-week snowstorm which pretty much shut everything down (including Metro Transit, which almost prevented my husband from getting home to enjoy his birthday dinner of local hormone-free steak and local potatoes (and asparagus from Peru . . .but that’s a post for another day ) ).

But we can’t all be perfect all the time, right? ;-) 150 years ago there weren’t any other options. That is, you ate food from your own farm and blew your nose into your sleeve. But for better or worse times have changed.

Among all this chaos, I still managed to make one green change this week. And that was to stop wrapping potatoes in aluminum foil to bake them.

I didn’t use to do this at all. Growing up, my Mom had half a dozen of these nifty little metal thingys that I don’t even think you can buy anymore that you could stab a couple of potatoes onto and it had a handle and you just threw them straight on the rack.

I think it was either my room mate or my husband that converted me to wrapping them in foil. Sure they’re a lot moister, but even if you’re recycling the foil (which you can’t if the foil gets any burnt bits of potato stuck to it)  it still seems like a waste.

Often we will just throw in the potatoes and other root vegetables with the chicken or ham or whatever we’re making. We were given these awesome cast-iron roasters as wedding gifts, and food cooks so well in them (and holds the heat, so we can actually turn off the oven about 10 minutes before the end of cook time) we use them all the time.

After a few experiments, I discovered that it takes the same amount of time to bake six potatoes in our cast iron roaster as it does to bake two in foil, and they’re just as moist (and you get leftovers, maximizing the energy consumption). Yum :-)

I know these seem like minor changes, but I’ve always believed that every little bit counts. And trust me, I’m still researching more major changes for posts in the weeks to come


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