Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week # 21: Greenovations

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So what’s the deal with the switch to WordPress? My blog is undergoing a renovation.

If you’ve been following my adventures in my weekly blog, you may have noticed that the last month or so, it hasn’t been so much weekly as non-existent. That’s because I couldn’t log in! For about a week I couldn’t access my former blog the site at all, and once I could log in I still couldn’t edit. So finally I gave up. A few blogs that I follow use WordPress, so I thought I’d give it a shot. And lots of copying and pasting later, here we are.

I’m still trying to get it back up to snuff, so please bear with me.

Speaking of renovations, my arms and neck are very sore, so I won’t be on here long. This week our environmental project was to install new windows in three rooms in the house. The three lucky windows were the worst in the house – I could hear cars on the nearby highway in our bedroom at night, as if there was a hole in the wall. Water would come right through during storms – even with the windows closed! It also scared me a little that the curtains would move during a wind storm – also with the windows closed. Just think of the heat loss!

I spent the weekend staining and applying varathane to the new window casings. After some looking around Home Depot and Kent I discovered a product called Saman – a water-based, low-VOC stain made in Canada. Now I’m in the process of researching whether we are eligible for a rebate from the province for our new energy-efficient windows.

Speaking of windows, my mother often told me growing up that my grandfather always used to say “God doesn’t close a door but he opens a window”. A window may have opened for me this week. Just as I find out I got screened out of one job competition, I might have an offer on another. More to follow in future posts (I hope) so stay tuned!


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