Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week #23 –Recycle Write!

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June 15th 2014

Busy busy busy! The next couple of weeks I’ll be travelling for work, so this post will be short.

Did you know that you can recycle pens, markers, highlighters and other writing instruments? I didn’t until I was looking at the TerraCycle website one day doing some job searching. Terracycle reuses/reclaims/recycles items like juice bags and turns them into handbags and reusable totes. They can also turn pens, markers and other writing instruments into benches, and ironically enough, garbage bins. Writing instruments can be dropped off at your local Staples store for recycling.

So, this week’s challenge was to start a writing instrument recycling program at work (and collect them at home too). I’ve obtained permission from facilities management and the sustainability coordinator, and put boxes with signs through the building. There have been a few drop-offs so far, but not the response I was hoping for. Hoping for a better turn out in the future.

On the travel note, I researched green travel options for my upcoming work trip. I have to go to Kingston Ontario, and I’m not given enough time to take the train the whole way, but I did look into the train from Toronto to Kingston. It would work on the way to Kingston, but I just can’t make the connection on the way back. I guess it’s carbon offsets for me. . . .

Here’s a Green Travel Quiz to keep you busy while you’re waiting for my next blog post – which will likely be in a month or so. Happy trails!


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