Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Week #26 – Frozen

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July 13th 2014

And I’m not talking about the latest Disney movie craze either (which, I might add, we still haven’t seen, but probably will). There’s a lot out there in the media right now about young girls being bombarded with messages about being a princess, playing with pink mega blocks and the like. My daughter has a variety of clothing and toy colours and types, from overalls and dresses to dolls, tea sets, blocks and dump trucks. I let my daughter decide what she wants to play with or what colour she wants to wear. I haven’t purposely driven her towards princesses, but I can’t help it if she likes pink. And when she drives her dolls around in her dump truck, more power to her – I’d say she’s achieved balance.

This week was the great freezer purge of 2014. Every few years we empty out our big, ancient upright freezer that has been in this house since we moved in (possibly since the house was built – the freezer was made by General Motors!) eating up the foods and defrosting it. Despite the fact it likely could have preserved buttercups in the stomach of a woolly mammoth, it didn’t take long to defrost. In fact, I unplugged it at supper time, strategically placed some buckets and rags, and went upstairs to make supper. I decided I should check on it before went to bed several hours later– and discovered that our Christmas decorations were floating. Needless to say, I spent this morning trying to dry everything out in our sunny driveway and mop up, and put things back together again. Which in this heat luckily didn’t take long.

We’ve been discussing the idea of getting rid of the thing for years too. It must be consuming its weight in CO2! This year, as part of this green challenge, we decided to take the plunge and have signed up to have it picked up through the Efficiency Nova Scotia Appliance Retirement Program. They pick up your functional , 10+ year old freezer, fridge or air conditioner for recycling, and you are reimbursed 30$.

We’re now testing whether we can get by without replacing it, but the freezer on our upstairs fridge probably won’t quite cut it. I like to buy meats in bulk from our local meat farmer, and freeze jars of cooked rhubarb from the garden and blueberries from the market. I’m curious whether there is less environmental impact by allowing grocery stores to bulk ship and freeze local strawberries vs. doing it myself. I haven’t sat down and done the math, but I welcome comments on this subject! There is a bar fridge size freezer we might purchase. Still trying to make up our mind.

In other news, still no word on the job front. I was called for a second interview for one position. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get a call-back on that one though. One of the questions I really muddled up. I felt like how Stephan Dionne must have felt during his 2010 interview with Steve Murphy. I needed the board member to keep repeating the question and I still didn’t get it. For the other job, I’m still waiting for someone in Ottawa to sign a piece of paper. And with everyone in and out on summer vacations that’s probably on hold for a bit. Until then, so is my career.


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