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Mommy on the Rocks Dilemma # 451 – The Cups Runneth Over

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In my latest blog post I documented my attempts to find a sustainable disposable cup. I hope to apply what I’ve learned to a “situation” arising at my daughter’s daycare, but I need your advice on how to do it.

At her daycare they offer the children crackers as they are picked up by their parents in the afternoon. This is part of the children’s routine now and you can’t mess with it! Beware the scorn of a child who’s parent proposes getting a cracker at home!

Since about June the daycare staff have been placing the crackers on a table near the front door, so if the staff are busy the children don’t have to wait in line for a cracker and the parents and children can be on their way home.

Beside the cracker table appeared a water cooler. And on top of the water cooler is a package of Dixie cups.

In many ways this was an excellent idea, especially for the hot summer months. But what concerns me, of course, is the oodles of paper cups that are now being thrown away.

I had been placing them in our green bin at home, until I recently learned that is a no-no. So they have to go into the garbage.

I’ve been trying to decide how to approach this situation. Do I:

  1. Deny my child the option of having water, and instead offer her a cup when we get home? (Not likely to go over too well, and then there’s still the issue of all the cups the other children are using);
  2. E-mail the daycare, diplomatically bringing to their attention the waste issue, and ask them to put out reusable cups? (Of course, some of these cups might grow legs and never be seen again, adding extra expense to an already expensive venture);
  3. Offer to buy some reusable cups for the daycare?
  4. Keep a small, reusable cup in the car for when I pick her up?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Help!


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