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Week # 48 – Have you got the balls?

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December 2, 2014

Have you got the balls? Dryer balls that is! As the weather in this part of the world gets colder and days get shorter, we’ll find ourselves hanging out clothes on the clothesline less and less and relying on our dryers more and more.

One way to improve drying time and reduce static without using dryer sheets is to use reusable wool dryer balls.

Dryer sheets contain oils which can damage your clothing over time, such as reducing the absorbency of towels. The perfumes and other chemicals they are coated with can have similar effects as soaps (see Week # 1), are known respiratory irritants, and may be absorbed through our skin when we where our clothes. Not to mention the fact that they are single-use and therefore incredibly wasteful (although we had been in the habit of tearing them in half, and using each half for multiple loads. A jumbo box I bought in 2010 is still going strong).

While I’d be happy to ditch them altogether, others in the household aren’t so easily swayed from a soft, static free load. So, I’ve been looking into a few alternatives.

Here are some options for locally available dryer balls:

Nurtured sells a package of three for $25.99.

Lismore Sheep Farm Wool Shop sells their products at the Seaport Farmers Market – a bag of three dryer balls is 30$.

I have also contacted P’Lovers to see if they carry a similar product, but as of the date of this posting they haven’t returned my e-mail.

They can also be purchased online from Grassroots in Toronto for $26.46.

Plastic dryer balls are a less expensive alternative, but bits may break off and find their way into the dryer lint – which if you’re like me you put in your compost! Eventually these plastic microparticles, a.k.a microplastics can cause more problems – see

I’ve also considered making my own – I just need to source some 100% wool, as everything I have from my plastic canvas craft days is synthetic.

Let’s be realistic – do I have time to make dryer balls two weeks before Christmas? I don’t think so. So, I can either ask for some for some from Santa, or try one of these alternatives:

Vinegar, lavender, rubber balls, tin foil – see  and for some ideas.

Join the Women’s Pledge to Ditich Dryer Sheets!

Stay dry my friends!


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