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Weeks # 49-50-51: Babes in Toyland

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December 14, 2014

So our trip to Florida was relatively successful, aside from picking up a nasty respiratory virus on the plane on the way down. I tried every home and over the counter remedy I could find, and it just didn’t seem to get any better. My breaking point (when I finally decided to see a Dr) came on my way home from work one day – it was minus 10C and I have been coughing so hard I was peeing myself, so my underwear froze during the walk and gave me the equivalent of a diaper rash. Fun times.

Off to the on call Dr I went, who proceeded to tell me it was just a virus and suck it up because every other patient she’d seen that day had the same thing. Sometime after we got home from Florida I start feeling nauseous too (because the fatigue, stuffy nose, chills, sore throat and coughing so hard I’ve pulled three muscles aren’t enough) and we remember that we can’t remember when I had my last visit from Aunt Flo, so while I’m at the Dr. She orders blood work. The next day I get a call from my Dr.s office – congratulations, you’re on the nest.

Which sends me into a tailspin of panic, worrying about whether I took my prenatal vitamins at all, what effects the pseudoephedrine in the over the counter cold medicine I took might have, not to mention the multiple glasses of wine I drank down south. The Dr. reassures me that it’s probably all fine given that I’m only about 6 weeks and the placenta isn’t formed yet, and that I should make a follow-up appointment with my GP for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I’m trying to keep all of these thoughts to myself and not let anything slip while out with my parents and daughter on their annual pilgrimage to the box store to see what she wants from Santa. I always feel so guilty Christmastime with all the toys they shower her with. I know she’s their only grandchild (on both sides for that matter) and they want to spoil her, but seriously, she already has so much and there are so many other kids who have nothing, or couldn’t they at least get some things second hand, and she’s of the age she’d probably be perfectly happy with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Two weeks later I’m still sick. My regular Dr. decides that this cold is probably a sinus infection turning into pneumonia that is not going to get better on its own (ya’ think) and that I should take antibiotics. Because I’m allergic to penicillin, there’s really only one option. The side effects are fatigue and nausea. So at least I’ll have another excuse when we’re visiting family. Luckily she also prescribed Diclectin, which I had to use when I was pregnant with my daughter too. Of course my hypochondriac brain is now worried about what the antibiotics will do to Mini-Me V2.0, but if the options are dying of pneumonia I guess I have no choice. Shocking myself while screwing in a Christmas light, which shattered while I was putting it in, probably didn’t help matters either.

Husband is, unfortunately, not as thrilled as we thought he would be. (In fact, to quote one of our favourite Christmas movies, he’s “shitting bricks”). But he has vowed to try to stay pleasant during the holidays. I refuse to tell anyone until we pass the magical 14 weeks (Spoiler Alert: not even our parents know. Of course if you’re reading this, now you know – but don’t spill the beans!). Hopefully I can blame any wardrobe malfunctions on the holiday roast beast and feast.

Merry Christmas, Holy Shit.

At one week and counting I’m attempting to make some sort of holiday for us. My plans to buy local gifts kind of went out the window as the thought of venturing past my driveway was completely overwhelming. I did make it as far as the mall to pick up a few things. There was the great necklace hunt – Mom had tasked me with finding a necklace with very specific requirements – not a chain, not too heavy, earthy tones, no sharp sticky out bits. I tried the Promise of a Pearl, Kemo Jewerly, and some other online local jewelers but just couldn’t find the right thing. So on my trek to the mall I hit up Ardene’s and bingo. Hopefully I offset this purchase with the homemade chocolates and Jost wine.

Dad wanted a running shirt, and husband an ipad – at least instead of ditching our old one we’re handing it down to my parents.

For everyone else, I used to make donations.

As for myself, I didn’t ask for a lot for Christmas – nice weather for travelling, some glass containers to replace our plastic ones for leftovers. (See for more info on storing and reheating food in plastic).

I’m also doing something I often do over the holidays, and going into #HolidayMode – so you won’t see any twitter or blog action from me over the next couple of weeks.

Happy Holidays!


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