Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Sweet Sixteen

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February  2015

Well we’ve made it through to the magic 15/16 week mark, and while the fatigue I’m experiencing is nothing like I’ve ever encountered, I am feeling better than I have in weeks. I am feeling relief at hearing our baby’s heartbeat and that most of our family and friends now know the secret. I also was able to tell my boss. I was terrified at first, having only been in this new job (which I love) for about four months, but he said it was “terrific news”.

And I feel far more physically comfortable in maternity clothes! Honoring my commitment not to buy new clothes (Week 44), I have unpacked and am reusing a lot of clothes from last time, and picked up a few “new to me” items at Value Village.

It’s also my daughter’s birthday, and I’ve tried to use homemade goodies as much as possible, and reusable items for the goody bags. For example, since we were doing a camping theme, I used a do-rag with bubbles, notebooks, and glow sticks. I know, glow sticks. I tried to find flashlights, honest! Maybe they’ll at least be reused as a craft (see my Green Craft Corner).

One `green` thing I would like to try to do is stop shopping at the Dollar Store. Sure they`re convenient, they often have what I`m looking for, and the price is right for sure. But so many of their goods are made overseas, likely in poor working conditions and to questionable standards (e.g. lead content), and the cheap prices encourage consumerism when we could be reusing or “making do“ with what we have on hand. I tend to limit my purchases to stationary and craft supplies (stickers, paper, cards) and organizational items (bakets); I would never buy children`s items or food. Even so, I seem to be going there a lot lately, so I`ll aim to cut back. And since our household bills are likely to increase in a few months, it won`t hurt our budget either.


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