Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

A Lighter Shade of Green

Several years ago I helped organize, and participated in, the first Green Party of Nova Scotia convention. This is where I first heard the phrase “light green” and “dark green” used in the same manner as “red tory” in other political circles.

I think I would describe myself as “light green”, even before children came into the picture. I’m not 100% green, but it is a goal to work towards.

As I pointed out in my inaugural post, there are many blogs out there with advice on how to live a greener lifestyle and what parents can do to help the planet. What’s different about my blog from all the others?

First, I’m not writing generic tips with all the scientific and mathematical background as an education piece; tips that sound good and appear easy to do on paper (or on the screen, as it may be). I’m actually doing each challenge.

– The challenges are weekly, more manageable, smaller and measurable goals, rather than daily challenges or tips.

-I’m not just pointing out tips for parents on how to “raise baby green” . In fact, you’ll find that very few of my challenges are actually related to being a mom. This stems from the part of me that is “apart” from being a mom – that I am my own person, with my own identity separate from my “mom self”. This is something that I think many moms, including myself, forget sometimes as they loose themselves in their kids.

-And finally, I’m not doing this as part of my job, I’m doing it as a hobby and because I genuinely care about the planet. I’m just trying to live my life. I’m not a “do gooder” trying to put anyone down or make it sound easy (anything worth it seldom is). In fact, I think I’m successfully pointing out how hard it can be – it’s not easy at all. It’s a daily challenge to be a working mom and living the green life I’ve preached to others for so many years, the green life I want to live, so that maybe all of our accomplishments and memories will get passed down to generations that can still call this planet “home”.


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