Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

How Green is this Mommy?

Here are the challenges I’ve completed, and stuck to, so far! I’ll keep adding more as the year goes on!

1)      Switch to environmentally friendly body wash.

2)      Switch to organic yogurt.

3)      Use handkerchiefs instead of Kleenex.

4)      Increase my volunteer activities with local NGOs.

5)      Stop using aluminum foil to bake potatoes.

6)      Switch to planet & people friendly toothpaste.

7)     Buy local wine.

8)     Dont’ get take-out containers.

9)      Stop getting receipts at the library and ATM.

10)      Print documents double-sided whenever possible.

11)      Use reusable training pants for potty training.

12)      Eat vegetarian at least three days a week.

13)      Go tech-free at home at least one day per week.

14)       Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

15)       Organize a FOOD drive at work.

16)       Carry a reusable cloth shopping bag in my purse.

17)       Turn-off power bars at the end of the day, and unplug chargers when not in use.

18)       Make my own gifts or buy local for holidays and birthdays.

19)      Borrow books &  DVDs from the library rather than purchasing new.

20)       Buy local/fair trade/organic coffee & baked goods.

21)     Eat at restaurants that use local ingredients.

22)     Hang up clothes prone to wrinkling right off the clothesline.

23)     Use a toaster oven instead of a regular oven.

24)    Donate old sneakers to charity.

25)    Teach my daughter about the natural world.

26)    Remove invasive species from the garden.

27)   Replace windows with energy efficient windows.

28)   Use natural, water-based paints and stains.

29)   Stop using Q-tips

30)   Stop buying individually packaged snacks.

31) Recycle writing instruments.

32) Offset travel by making a donation to an environmental organization or purchasing carbon offsets.

33) Purchase furniture from thrift stores or Kijiji.

34) Purchase clothing from thrift stores.

35) Purchase local firewood when camping.

36) Stop using disposable straws.

37) Get my hair done at an Aveda certified salong/spa.

38)  Do my work-out outside (weather permitting).

39) Share the road with bikes!

40) Use bathwater to shave legs.

41) Use vegetable water to water houseplants.

42) Turn down the thermostat on the hot water tank heater.

43) Take shorter, colder showers.

44) Get a green job.

45) Take the bus to work.

46) Buy locally made salad dressing or make my own.

47) Buy croutons in bulk or make my own.

48) Use olive oil rather than aerosol cooking spray.

49) Organize a trash pick-up in the community.

50) Use home made cleaners for house cleaning.

51) Stop using disposable cups.

52) Find an environmentally friendly pizza.

53) Stop buying vegetables in plastic containers.

54) Use less bath water

55) Give out environmentally friendly, healthy treats for Halloween.

56) Make a home made Halloween costume.

57) Use a refillable water bottle.

58) Reuse glow-sticks from Halloween to make a craft.

59) Buy a reusable poppy or reuse one from previous years.

60) Find a sustainable dryer ball or sheet.

61) Use glass dishes for leftovers instead of plastic.

62) Use a reusable pot scrubber.

63) Make our own party noise makers instead of buying.

64) Bird feeders!

65) Use low-VOC paint

66) Stop shopping at discount stores.

67) Buy pots/pans made from recycled materials

68) Reuse or purchased used baby gear

69) Breastfeed as much as possible

70) Insulate basement

71) Stop buying almonds

72) Buy local beer

73) Textile recycling!








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