Converting back to a green life, one week (and nap time) at a time

Weeks # 11 and 12 – Meatless Monday and Facebook-free Friday

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March 23, 2014


This week brought us some much needed sun and milder temperatures – spring might actually be on its way! Since this winter has been horrendous and I haven’t been as active as I would like, I’ve bee trying to do something good for both my body and the environment by taking the stairs to the cafeteria at work. Sounds easy – but it’s five flights up and five flights back down, twice a day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator saves electricity, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Just like starting any new habit, I don’t remember every day (especially with the elevator being right next to our office) but I’m making a solid effort. And some of my coworkers are joining in the climbing fun :-)

I’ve also been trying to eat better, and trying to eat less meat. I’ve gone from eating meat at supper nearly every night to just two or three times a week. Pre-pregnancy I had been a strict vegetarian for ten years. About 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I had a friend over to teach me how to make miso soup (since I had been craving salty things and figured I could do better than pre-packaged ramen noodles!), and right after eating it I had a sudden bout of extreme nausea. From that moment on, until about 9 months postpartum, had a severe taste aversion to tofu. And, to the delight of my husband, I started craving steak.

Most of the meat we buy is local, free-range, antibiotic and hormone free from Windy View Farm.  A vegetarian diet has many health and environmental benefits, including but not limited to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (through both the meat-production industry and the methane released by the animals themselves).

The past three years I’ve tried to at least eat like a locavore – that is, food within a 100 mile radius; , and in winter, choosing organic produce along a north-south trajectory (that is, organic oranges from Florida rather than California). Lately I’ve also been buying produce off the “reduced” rack, so it won’t go to waste after it’s long voyage here.

Something else I have realized about myself through this challenge- I think I’ve become a Facebook-addict. My mother in law bought us an ipad so she could keep in touch with her granddaughter via Facetime. I spend waaaaay too much time on that thing, reading about “top 25 photos of red pickles that make dogs laugh” and other such websites, instead of being up and about and interacting with my daughter.

She only watches TV after supper, sometimes a few minutes here and there when I’m making supper, to keep her safely preoccupied out of the kitchen (and away from the hot oven). Sometimes on weekends we’ll watch a movie now that she isn’t napping.

I also recently read an article about technology use by toddlers and children, which really put it over the top for me.

So, I’m not targeting Facebook specifically here, but all forms of technology.  Using our ipad, Blackberry, TV etc. less will of course save energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Starting this week, I am going to try to stay away from devices at home at least one day per week, and encourage my daughter to do the same, limiting her TV/ipad watching even more. Starting now . . . . ok now . . .

Ironically, I also joined the Twitterverse this week . . . @mommyonthegreen

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